Thursday, March 29, 2012

daily doodleS

my computer died, so i was at the apple store all day. drew a lot. some is not to be disclosed, some is...

a scene from DD3:

before the dare detectives were the dare detectives, they were sample characters for a spoof roleplaying game, that i made up in math class (sorry ms almeda) in 8th grade. sarah is pretty much unchanged, only she is no longer an elf. toby was originally a cheerful barbarian named stygor. or something equally dumb. probably stygor.
sarah had a 6-pack of nubs, magical sentient lumps that absorb excess magic (even then, she was a bratty princess who studied magic in school). they were pretty ridiculous. the little guy was named reece, for some reason he was an ex-boy band member (boy bands had just become a thing, and i loathed them), and he was also a con man. (each sample character represented a different race, occupation, physical type, personality etc.) the chipmunk was a guest star, imaginatively called "samurai chipmunk". he was kind of an asshole. and that pirate was, of course, maria. only she was actually a villain.

8x11, pencil. SOLD.

in college, when i decided to ditch the RPG angle and turn them into comic detectives, i had to make some changes. the big problem was that the group had no leader. sarah is smart, but no leader, and toby (i had mercifully changed his name by then), was, we'll... toby. and reece and SC were useless. so i cast around for an existing character, and settled on maria. i liked having another girl on the team, since sarah isn't really an ambassador for her gender or anything. also, evil maria had a whole gang of pairates and was always scheming. another bonus was that now-detective maria had a built in backstory -- pirate turned crook turned crook-hunter. but i did make both her body and her personality more lean, to really contrast her with sarah.
by this point, reece and SC had lost whatever appeal they originally had, but i felt like i needed one more person to round out the group, and i decided it should be a talking animal, since they're a big part of the dare world. i also wanted someone extra-cartoony, both in appearance in personality, as an outlier to the wackier end of the DD world. so i mashed up reece and SC and made jojo, the jerboa. uh... yeah. at the time, a lot of the DD creatures were turning out to be australian (a la red dingo) and i thought jerboas were australian. they're not. so i just made him a bunny, instead. and thus a legend was not born.

near the end of my sojourn, as i was getting loopy, the mac techs had a whole conversation about "battle of the planets":
no, i do not know why one of them has bernard change's beard. maybe it was a loan?

8x11, pencil. $40 if you want it.

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Traumwelt said...

very interesting to see wher they come from... ^^
and R.I.P. for your computer then ...
hope you'll get a new one so we can see more and more jewels from you... yeah i know, quite selfish ...