Friday, July 25, 2008

hi all!

if you're reading this, then you are wondering why the hell i haven't posted in forever. or, you are not wondering anything, you found this site by accident, and you are thinking about what you what to eat for dinner. i recommend thai.

anyhoo... i'm in the middle of trying to get a job, and also finishing up some outstanding freelance work. so, i've been doing/drawing lots, just nothing i can post... and no time for chit chat. i'll try to change that, at least the last part, but we'll see what happens. i always have all sort of important things to say (or trite, unoriginal thoughts to share... honestly, it could go either way). unfortunately, i'm terrible at typing. so maybe i'll figure a way around that.

on the other hand, i actually do have a few new arts to share. you've probably come here from the or the forum, so you've already seen these. but just in case...

1-batman and catwoman for friend.
2-a badger, for another friend. the badger
and his ghostly pals are from a back story
the ancient history of "the dare detectives".
i'd tell you about it, but who cares?
i don't!
3-tiger designs, initially inspired by "jungle
book", but evolving/devolving into designs
for another "DD" history back story. blah.
4-"peter and the wolf" designs for someone else.

EDIT: aaah... i figured i post that cartoony stuff elsewhere
all the time. you can see the tigers and wolf stuff here:

and while i'm at it, rejected designs for the new batman cartoon:
(my favorite is killer croc, on the second page.)

instead, i posted some drawings of wonder woman. yay!
(where are you, sam hatmaker?)