Sunday, March 22, 2009

acid wash

one of my goals is to destroy your senses. yes, all six of them.


and finally...

ps - the creepy bag ladies below are the graea, similar to the fates. you might remember them as "the stygian witches" (a made-up name) in "clash of the titans.

more more wonder woman...2

because i could only upload so much at once...

more more wonder woman...

it is now public:

also, i had THOUGHT that i posted these before, but it looks like i didn't. which is why i'm not allowed to do brain surgery anymore. various development designs for wonder woman, some of which are VERY different from the final look. also, the story changed very radically from it's first inception, so i'm afraid all of the paradise island/ amazon history junk is out. (the series was originally mooted to be 52 issues, when it was downsized to 12, some inevitable trimming resulted.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

color tests

just some VERY rough color tests
for my upcoming wonder woman
story. the editor really likes my
st michel thumbnails (below), so
i'm working in that general vein.

also, since the stories take place
in a sort of dream-haze, i wanted
dreamlike colors.

i'll post some final art next week...

ps - the japanese lake is for story 2,
the city (gotham plaza, to be exact)
is from story 1