Friday, June 13, 2014


howdy all! i'll be at the NYC special edition saturday 14- sunday 15, table d10!

and the next week i'll be in charlotte for heroes con, friday 20 - sunday 22, table 805!

i'll have the usual books, plus lots of original comics art and daily doodles! plus commissions!

ben c

Thursday, June 5, 2014



howdy all! it's that magical time of the year, when a young man's fancy turns to spring! or sketchbooks. let's just say sketchbooks. my two newest sketchbooks are the second and third installments of my daily doodles! each is 80pp b/w softcover. voila:

sb20 daily doodles, $15 + shipping

sb19 daily doodles, $15 + shipping

sb18 daily doodles, $15 + shipping

and of course, there are plenty of other books full of characters, vehicles, monsters, pretty much anything you can think of!

 sb16 misc design, $15 + shipping

 sb14/15 dare detectives/amazonia

 sb12superheroes/harry potter, $15 + shipping

 sb11 dare detectives, $15 + shipping

there is also my first full-color sketchbook, the dare detectives' "misfits' manual"! hardcover, with 60pp of full-color art and notes on the world's most defective detectives, and the people who try to kill them!

misfits' manual, $25 + shipping

and don't forget the uberfolio! this is a compendium of the first 4 dare sketchbooks (3, 5, 7, & 9) rescanned, resized and with bonus pages. 126pp b/w softcover. this book supplements a lot of the background and history in the misfits manual! i didn't print up a ton of these, so i don't know how long they'll last.

uberfolio, $25 +shipping

as always, email me to order any books, commissions, etc. i accept checks or paypal; checks are slower, paypal will include a small fee. 


Commission rates: 

Pencils 8.5x11” — $80
Inks 8”x11” — $150

Super-Fancy Markers and Inks 9x12" — $200

Pencils 11”x17” — $150

Inks 14x17” — $250

Super-Fancy Markers and Inks 14x17" — $300


All domestic (US) orders: include $2 shipping,
plus $.75 per item for paypal purchases.
International orders: write me for shipping etc charges.
I accept check or Paypal

Pencils 8.5x11” — $80

Inks 8”x11” — $150

Super-Fancy Markers and Inks 9x12" — $200

Pencils 11”x17” — $150

Inks 14x17” — $250