Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it adds up...

sometimes i feel like i never get enough done. of course, that's mostly because i never get enough done. but... i'm surprised at how much i actually have put out. (this doesn't include "wednesday comics" or "fantasy cartooning", and of course i've also done design work for around 9 cartoons and 7 toy lines, and 2 video games, that aren't pictured either. i think there's a kids' book or two that i'm also forgetting. oh yeah, and a bunch of JLU and kid's book covers, and a SW clone wars comic. yikes, it really DOES add up.)

*edit -- here's what everything is. 3 of the smaller books were promotional sketchbooks, i handed them out at signings etc. the other 3 were pitchbooks for proposed cartoons a while back.

and here's the hardcover of WC.

Monday, May 24, 2010


no time to post lately, blah blah blah.
anyway, this wednesday (may 26) i'll be at jim hanley's universe in NYC, signing junk and talking. presumably about "wednesday comics", but who knows? maybe they want my opinion about the decline of participatory democracy or something. i think the hardcover WC will be out, i'll be bringing a copy, and also i'll be bringing lots of original art for people to crumple up. also, puppies!

ok, no puppies, everything just sounds nicer with puppies.

and now for something completely different: