Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fans seem to think that the more lines that go into a drawing the better it is. Actually, the opposite is generally true. The fewer lines you can put into a drawing the quicker it reads, and the simpler it is. [Alex] Toth is one of the few guys who can simplify an illustration to a minimum of lines with a maximum of impact
-jim steranko

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BCTV (ben caldwell television)

howdy all!

great news for the 3 of you who wondered when i was going to be on TV, the answer is TONIGHT! ok, i'm only on TV in the berks county PA area, but if you have a computer (like the one you are reading this post on) then you can watch it live at 7pm here:

i'm going to do some classes and workshops at the Art Institute this fall, and having an exhibit aug 4, so the interview is part of the exciting and informative* media blitz that will put my name on everyone's lips (in the greater berks county region, who is watching channel 13 tonight)! i don't know what they will ask me, but since i throw random comments into every conversation anyway, no worries, right?

as for the exhibit... it will open aug4, and feature tons of original art and development notes, etc, plus i will print up some of those WW pages to fill up the whole wall! and there will be prints and original art for sale! and ninjas, too!**

see you tonight! or at the exhibit! or NYCC! and if i don't see you at any of those places, let's just pretend i did AND YOU LOVED IT, ok? thanks!
i'll post more details about the exhibits and classes and some exciting stuff that's coming for new york comiccon!

ben c

*i make no guarantees that it will be even remotely informative.
**due to budget constraints, there will be no ninjas.