Thursday, December 23, 2010

howdy all!

sorry i've been absent, in addition to being very busy, i've been pretty wiped out. fun!
so just something short and sweet.
last month was my twins' birthday, so i drew up a coloring/activity book for their class, then went in and read it. fortunately, i'm about as smart and lucid as a 4-year old, so it worked out really well.
it was based on a bunch of bedtime stories i made up for them (the batman/cinderella team-up stories were getting old). it's not shakespeare, but it put off the day day when they inevitable realize that i am an embarrassment. anyway, here are the first few pages:

i'm posting them (relatively) hi-res so you or your liked ones can also color them if you are bored and the tv is out or whatever.

my favorite part is the title lettering.