Friday, September 20, 2013


howdy all!
its that time of year again, when a young man's fancy turns to cons! and once again i'll be at the NYCC artist alley -- table d6, if you really need to know. and yes, you really do need to know! i'll have the usual swag: all all seven (yes, seven) sketchbooks and the misfits manual color book, tons of original pages from batman beyond, big barda, the classics and dare, plus some prints.
as always, i am open to commissions; as always, it's best to hit me up ahead of time, since i'm keeping a fairly limited number of spots open.

hopefully i'll be posting more soon -- i certainly have a lot to talk about -- but i've got lots to do today and my good-for-nothing infant can barely letter. and mrs ben c won't let me fire him, because apparently rampant nepotism is a-ok in the caldwell household.