Saturday, July 31, 2010

ww manga blah blah...

nothing really new... as i mentioned ad nauseum, i sent a ww manga pitch to dc. don't get excited (or horrified, depending on your point of view), it will certainly never happen. but i got it out of my system. like i said, old news... i just thought i'd take up some space by posting the actual pitch (minus a few redactions, some are done to keep plot stuff secret, some are just because i am easily amused).

what is left mostly concerns the format and character treatment and other theoretically non-plot stuff that i think is very important to a project like this. dc just mentioned (not for the first time) that their kids comics are "loss leaders" that never turn a profit. since i doubt very much that every single one of those comics is bad, i think the format and venue need to looked into.
anyway, in all its "glory":

ps: did a bunch of other art while in the "pitch" mood that didn't make it into the pitch, here's one:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

penny arcade

EDIT EDIT well, it was a blast doing penny arcade, although a little more panel-intensive then perhaps i was expecting. big thanks to mike and jerry for inviting me, and garry for the fun script! and now to sleep...

lots going on and lots to post about, but no time...

however, right now i am doing a guest webcomic at penny arcade. it'll run 5 pages altogether. although each page has about 40 panels. i swear, this time it's not my fault, i'm just following someone else's script!

howdy, just thought i'd add the following pages (one more to go for monday!)
page 2
page 3

pge 4

here's a closeup of the last panel, trying a different inking technique. i'd like to try more!

Monday, July 12, 2010

you've got to be kidding me

my computer crashed, so i will be digitally handicapped for the next week. (i'm typing this on my wife's dell, which is made out of drainpipes and wishful thinking.) the good news is that i have a million super-important, possibly career-altering things going on this week, and no way to do them! the bad news is that... well, that pretty much covers it.

also, in what is becoming a yearly tradition, i JUST got a propass for SDCC, which means i have no idea where i'm going to stay. looking for a hotel, but if anyone has a free corner on the floor of their room and would like a few bucks, let me know!

better go before this computer crashes. argh.

ps - no, really. floors are very underrated.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


waiting for downloads...grr.

anyway, here is the last of the manga ww art. it's on it's merry way, probably to never be seen again. it was fun, and particularly handy when i was stuck somewhere, or waiting for my computer to do whatever it supposedly does... but all good things must come to an end!