Friday, October 21, 2011

what the hell, ben?

no, seriously... what the hell?

pictured: what the hell?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYCC sketches 3

2 more con sketches. dr strange is roughs for an 11x17 pic that i'm working on.

the bottom is a random doodle, based on a tattoo artist i met. i didn't actually see her punch the red skull, but come on.

pictured: come on

also, howdy again to everyone i met, and everyone i met again! i didn't get to visit all the tables i wanted to, but here's hoping for next time!

also, to sarah from nebraska/massachusetts: i still didn't see your art!
(as a general note, everyone should be carrying art on them at all times.)

Monday, October 17, 2011

NYCC commissions 2

catwoman pencils

catwoman inks

wonder woman!

more to come...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

NYCC and sketchbooks

howdy all!
at NYCC and my head hurts and i'm feeling sick and i'm having a blast! great seeing so many old friends again, so many talented artists too! must go to sleeeeep, but...

if you emailed me about sketchbooks and have not heard back (and you know who you are), don't fret! i'm working through the list slowly, but there have been so many orders for both SB14/15 and my older sketchbooks, that i am printing more of everything and there shall be sketchbooks aplenty, and little timmy will get his christmas goose, after all!

next week i'll also be posting prints for sale, tried that out at the convention and it is going swimmingly. and of course everyone knows that art just seems so much more real if someone is willing to give you money for it and stick it on a wall. amirite?

just some con arts to make this post bearable.

ps - if you were in martin's class, thanks again for having me, and i hope i didn't turn you all into terrified cynics. that's what graduation is for!

Monday, October 10, 2011

yawn... even more junk for NYCC and beyond!

did i mention i'm going to be at NYCC? let's, for the sake of this one-sided conversation, assume that i did not. GUESS WHAT GUYS? I'M GOING TO B--

oh forget it. you obviously already know, my charade it is a failure!

ok, now that we've cleared the small talk, on my incredibly small table at NYCC, in addition to sketchbooks and mostly free postcards and con sketches, i will also have original art and prints. i have already been putting things together, but tune in because this is where you can do your part for the cause.

what would you like to see? and by "see", of course i mean "pay me money for". i will have original at from WW, dare, pinups, and odds and ends. if there is anything more specific you are interested in, let me know so i can bring it. or if you won't be there, drop me a line anyway.
ditto for prints. i'll have the gojira print, along with some art from oz and dare and st michel and a few odds and ends, but if there's any little piece of mine that has a special place in your heart (hopefully on the ventricular side), let me know and maybe i can slip that in.

also, a few clever people have reserved con-sketch time. these are the sort of on-the-spot-johnnies i'm proud to associate with. my time isn't even remotely valuable, but still i never seem to have enough of it, and you gotta lock that down.

just like mrs veal.

more sketchbooks

hm. well, it turns out i have vastly underestimated many things in my life, such as the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll (3 and a half, you bastard owl), or how many people really hate seeing cartoony comics (all of them).

turns out, i also underestimated the number sketchbooks needed to bring loving harmony to the world. or at least to the corner of your bookshelf. so i'm reprinting my last batch of sketchbooks, SB11BIGGEST DARE, SB12HEROES, and SB13LES FEMMES IMAGINAIRE.

it will take about 3 weeks to get them printed and shipped.

SB11 interiors

SB12 interiors

SB13 interiors. the actual art isn't censored, but i didn't want to cause trouble online. i mean, naked girls on the internet, yikes.

like the new book, these are each 80pp, $15.

you can email me:

be sure to include your address so i can get back to you with the s+h. (the shipping and handling cost something, but the love is free.)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


howdy action fans!

well it's been a long time coming, but i found a printer and i found a few minutes of free time and the rest is history! starting at NYCC, i will be selling copies of my newest sketchbook. why does it have two names? because it earned them.

one side of the book is art from the critically hated wednesday comics wonder woman, the other side is art from the world's most defective detectives! 80 pages of 100% premium cartooning for $15. i wouldn't call that the deal of the century, except i just did.

i'll have copies of this sketchbook at NYCC. i'll also have the big ol' 130pp "dare uberfolio", which is a reprint of the first four dare sketchbooks — for $15. it's like you're robbing me, only you're handing me money so that doesn't seem like the best comparison.

it's a great deal is what i'm saying.

pictured: a great deal, is what i'm saying

now, you might be one of the few billion people who are not going to NYCC, i understand that. fortunately, the 21st century has personally stepped in to lend a hand, internet style.

if you are interested in either book, you can e-mail me at to order. in fact, you can order SB14/15 early — it's a pretty small run, so if you want to reserve a copy from the grabbing hands at comic-con, better let me know!

until next time

ben c

Saturday, October 1, 2011


hi all! if you're at NYCC, you can stop by my table in artist alley: L17.
i'll have lots of work to show, lots of work to sell, and you can mock me in real time as i draw con sketches! it's like everyone's birthday at the same time! except mine. my birthday's a few days before.

oh wait. you want to know what that is up there? well, you'll find out soon enough!