Tuesday, July 28, 2009


although WW has been an out-of-control success, i thought it would be nice to return to the roots of this blog for a moment. you know, challenging myself (well, WW was certainly that, but you know what i mean...)

i posted a to-do list last year, but there a few things i left off of it. one was the project below. i always joke that any comic that could appeal to both 13 year old girls AND 18 year old boys would be unstoppable.

it would also be almost impossible... which is of course what makes it a challenge.

so on the plane home from SDCC, i returned to this one project with a few doodles. it involves a high school full of supernatural mishaps. these focus more on the high school side of it, at some point i will have more pics of the crazy stuff. some of these are designs for specific characters, others are general school types (not stereotypes). none of the boys sparkle, but some of them are real purty. teen-movie deal, here i come!

WW2 annotations...

i doubt anyone cares, but the notes for page 2 are up, page 3 notes should be up tonight, then on to notes 4 to catch up...
(i actually did 2 and most of 3 at SDCC, just no internet access...)


also working on the general notes/art, some of that at least will be up tomorrow...

Monday, July 13, 2009


just got some copies... all the stories look even better this week, although i think my favorites have to be pope's strange and demon/catwoman.

am i allowed to say that?

the WW page reads much better than last time, some of that is probably because the colors are slightly less acidic and weird, partly because this has always been one of my favorite pages in terms of layout etc.

woo woo!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

hi all!

if anyone is interested in seeing the WW page at a larger size and with its original coloring:

and notes related to the first page:

it will be updated weekly

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


wednesday comics #1 comes out today! woo woo!