Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WW tattoo

this was a commission for a tattoo sleeve of everyone's favorite anachronistic indo-iranian monarchist, wonder woman!
no anarcho-syndicalist communes here!

this was a lot of fun and i'm pretty happy with the results, although i think i might have to shrink the head down a smudge. finishing up one other big commission tonight, i'll post that if i can fit it into my scanner...

Sunday, April 21, 2013


hi all!

i have some more daily doodles to post, but first... when i posted/tweeted the "sangster" picture, i said it needed work, and someone asked why. which is an excellent and very important question. one of the fundamental jobs of any artist is to look at what they've done critically, and decide what worked and what could be improved.

in the case of the "sangster" picture, there wasn't anything wrong, it just isn't as strong as it could be. the main reason is that it's supposed to be a action-filled pose, but it has too many breaks in it.
pictured: boring

the way i draw, the sweeping lines of my high-energy drawings (even if it's just a face) are the same as racing on a road -- the more breaks there are, the more stopping and starting there is. that kills the action. and that is what i want to fix in the "sangster" pic.
pictured: thicker lines! that must be important!

so a more fluid and energetic pose might look like this.

but there is never one solution for anything, so another option that has the same sweeping lines could be:

and that's that!

Monday, April 15, 2013

catching up...

hi all! 
crazy few weeks, and blabby blah blah. here are my recent doodles...

 feeling impatient for summer...

still feeling impatient for summer. also been reading a lot of manga lately, including "umi no misaki", not to mention working on the new (tropical) dare, so here is sarah kincaid on the beach. i feel that my recent art has lost some of its fluidity, possibly because i was doing some comics work where "cartooniness" was something to be avoided. 
hoping to get it back!

under the influence of "bakuman" (i told you i was reading a lot of manga) i decided to do some speed tests, in this case seeing how fast i could pencil a page in this particular style. the answer is 39 minutes. having said that, the backgrounds are nothing to write home about, and there isn't anything extremely challenging about these particular poses or expressions, so i'll have to push myself harder the for the next test!

testing to get looser.
definitely need to get better!

threw open my daily doodles to suggestions, then jammed 3 of them (dracula, marty mcfly, and monkey a la "journey to the west") together. i think it could have been hilarious, this picture is... okay.

just wanted to do a high-octane pose. this is maria dare, undercover in the fictional punk band "sangster". originally her skirt was going to fly around more, but that didn't look... right. this is another one where i like the overall concept and pose, just think it could use some work.

well that's all for now, i have work to do!