Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wednesday comics #13

well, i had so much fun doing 12 pages of wonder woman that mark chiarello let me go ahead with an "afterward" page! it's sort of a thank you to everyone who enjoyed the strip. and an excuse to draw hippolyta.

i will be posting the entire page, full-size, on my blog next wednesday. theoretically, it will also be in the collected edition.

ps - that is not hippolyta.

ben c


Fabian said...

There will be a collected edition?? OOH! I really hope so!! I did enjoy a lot your strips, beyond amazing work! :)

UPLOADER said...

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Anonymous said...

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Aaron Hartline said...

Wow -- nice piece. Glad I stumbled across this site.

YURI TIMG said...

ok ok
dear ben
from the beginning i have been trying to figure out if the wonder woman work you are doing is for a comic i can buy on a comic shop or if its a web comic.
please! pretty please!
let me know how i can obtain this wonderful work you have done

or does anyone!!??

thank you

stay safe