Tuesday, March 20, 2012

cairfax abbey

michael may reminded me that the junk in my room includes not only a model of the coach in dracula, but also a model i used for cairfax abbey.
i'd be happy to email the schematics to anyone who's interested in making their own. it's easy, just involves a lot of cutting! (as you can see, i gave up on the cutting and just took photos, the cut out the windows in PSD.)


as per rad's comment, here's some oooold 3d modeling i had stared for all the dare enviros. it was quite foolish of me.

why, yes. that is a monkey head. why do you ask?

which also make a good segue, since later this week i want to talk more about enviros...


rad sechrist said...

dude, have you used sketchup? Check out denis bodart's blog. he uses it for his comic.

ben c said...

yeah, i've been thinking about that. of course, it wasn't an option in 2006, but i would have helped. \
on the other hand, maybe it's just as well -- i originally did 3d modeling for large parts of enderby city for DD and it was a little ridiculous, the time i wasted. i'd be really tempted to work out every detail!

Pere said...

Would you really email the schematics if people asked? I've been dying to construct a paper cathedral for ages. My email is mahala (.) urra (at) gmail.

Your 3D models are really engaging too!

steviem said...

Goodness, I didn't realise you went to such great lengths in preparing to draw.

Do you construct 3D-models for every prominent prop/vehicle/building (e.g. the horse-drawn carriage in Dracula) - or would that really slow down your work-flow?

ben c said...

Mahala -- sure! I just have to dig up the file. I'm still hoping to set up q for reqlz classics site, which would include downloads like that. But in the meantime, just shoot me your email at benatdaredetectivesdotcom.

Stevie -- it depends. In the case of drac, I was having too much trouble with the coach, and the abbey had lots of perspective details, but was basically a bunch of planes, so in those cases it made sense. But as tempting as drac castle was, I didn't do a model of that because there was only one real whole shot that could be repasted, and detail shots that didn't need to be super consistent. The model would have been more time than it was worth. But even in those cases, there are tons.of secret details. I'll be posting more of that later, and I'm looking into doing a color sketchbook of the classics, with tons of designs, process notes etc.

steviem said...

Hey ben, it was really insightful to read this. Previously I thought that artists just use reference photos for drawing things like abbeys/carriages; and that if there were no photos from the exact camera-angle one requires, he just does the best he can

Anyway, a sketchbook of the classics sounds awesome - if you do it I'll be the first in line. Your "DD2 warmups" and environments are just incredible - so much more energy than "honesty" than the more refined pieces