Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a kickstarting/misftitting note

hi all!

a quick response to many questions about ordering rewards from the kickstarter, even though the kickstarter is over:

1) i will have extra copies of the misfits manual to sell! however, i will only be selling them after all of the kickstarter orders have been sent out. it's only fair! i will be posting here, and on the dare website, when the book is generally available.
1b) as a courtesy to the kickstarter backers, i waived shipping costs. any later orders for the manual, like any sketchbook order, will have shipping costs added on (about $3 in the US) and paypal if applicable.

2) people have asked about additional reward options. at this time, i won't be offering tshirts, PDFs etc. beyond the ones ordered through kickstarter. since i was offering five $300 workshops, and only 2 were picked in the kickstarter, i'm up for doing the other 3, and 2 people have already asked to sign up, so that leaves one $300 workshop open for anyone who's interested. i won't have enough time in my schedule for any more beyond what i had originally planned.

that's all for now, more updates to come!

1 comment:

SIMON said...

You waived shipping costs? Was that just for domestic orders though mate? Because i was going to pledge enough to snag one of those awesome prints but then i had to rethink due to the shipping costs... damn you Atlantic ocean!