Saturday, June 2, 2012

73 maria dare! (now with more RGB)

thought it'd be fun to try and draw one of my regulars in a more caricatured way. i've done this sort of thing before, but always as a very graphic treatment. this is more like classical caricature that could be painted or even sculpted.
tried a few versions of this, and really liked this one for maria, who is supposed to be pretty, just not in the same way sarah and bleu are. (so in other words, "tv ugly").

it's easy to smile when your "ugly" could still make magazine covers

also wanted to really individualize her expression, give her a smile that is part wolfish (the canines and the jutting lower jaw) and part sheepish (the uncertain brows and wrinkled inner lids and nose bridge).


i colored the hell out of it, just because you told me i couldn't.

ben, 1; invisible voices in ben's head, 0.

ps - if dirty old limericks are to be believed (and by god we can all agree on that), then "nil desperandum" is latin for "never despair".

pps - blogspot tried to change "now with more RGB" to "now with more RUB". cheeky bastard.


Larry MacDougall said...

Nice one Ben - I'd say you nailed it - the expression I mean.

Michael May said...

Really lovely, dude. This brings her to life wonderfully.

ben c said...

thanks guys!
i just tweeted a color version.

Nathan H. Boyd said...

Beautiful! I think you did a fantastic job on the coloring, especially her tattoo! And the subtle little details in her expression are still blowing my mind!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous. As much as I like the more cartoony clean stuff, I love this more shaded side of your work.

Unknown said...

nice rendering, good expression too

Manu said...

awesome! as usual...! ;)