Monday, June 18, 2012


howdy all!
as i've mentioned ad nauseum, i will be at table AA609 at heroes con this weekend. here is a map:
doesn't that nice red circle look inviting? yes. yes it does.

so stop by and... do whatever it is people do at cons? dress up as belle epoch dames and sip tea, i assume? that's a con thing?

it's been a while for me.

but while you're doing _________________, check out my new SB16, and of course i'll have ALL my old sketchbooks too, plus original art and commissions. you can also stare at me while i draw DD2 (i love staring at other people while they draw, so turnabout is fair play).

let's just assume this pic has to do with the subject. because this movie rocks.

also, feel free to show me your portfolio or ask for advice or whatever. just don't ask for good advice, because you get what you get at casa AA609!
i'll also be donating some art for the silent auction!

see you there!

the hell with you, judgy mcjudgerson. ima go watch it again RIGHT NOW.

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Francesca said...

I love that movie so so much.